You are your only limit.

Consistency is more important than Perfection. Be bold, be strong and be smart. Sometimes you perpetuate your hardship and always reminds of what you are! The only difference is being a catalyst in nature. The universe will work as we draw near to live.

Happiness is the by product of Lifestyle

No matter the situation always keeps on trying. Feel the energy in you, ready for a voyage and find the right path of living. After all why we take a risk? To live confine or to live to absolve.

The Struggle Is Real

In the end, you’ll find uniformity, steadiness, and solidity to your limit. Your mind speaks differently as to heart, but the adrenaline rush that matters.

Smile = Power

Success is a choice and its felt like, ‘If you’re not losing friends you are not growing up’. Be a glow-getter, to accomplish the goals in life while snagging a beautiful glow both inside and out.

Heartbeat of the Earth

Published by Nitesh Nishad

Nitesh is a chief of right path & love, and heartbeat of the Earth. A self-made man who is passionate about adventure, explore, and travel whereas, engineer as a profession. His journey is a state of mind where things may collide but the heart beats the same.

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