Garbett Point Trail

Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come. Never give up.

Be who you are!

We started our journey from Mumbai to Bhivpuri Road via train in the morning, at 6:00 am. While walking just beside to station face front side of Karjat, take first left to the hilly terrain of Diksal Village where we found few hints of how we can trek to Garbett point. The sunny day around 8 am hits us toil and hot climate to hike for the distant target.

After a few steps, we got to venture the Dhom Dam, a spiritual gem and Pangong Lake of Maharashtra which attractive place to hike, rest and as it’s our first checkpoint of Garbett point- “The hill with a huge tree”.

Dhom Dam
Dam view from Garbett Plateau

From there, our hiking starts towards Sagachiwadi, a small village and second checkpoint to Garbett Plateau. This place is real and far across the city life around Matheran hill station. For having something we truly want, we have to do hard to achieve that spot.
Garbett Plateau is a life balance between dam and mountains. This plateau is so wonderful to hike and the world out there is hidden and beautiful to see while trek!

Panorama view of Diksal Rappling point

While assenting, there a sheer slope to climb up and a mountain that tests your ability to achieve a scene to see how magical and beautiful the place to observe the Garbett Point. The apex of Garbett point is where we find how beautiful the place is and seems that the temperature drops around 15-20 degree centigrade.

Sheer Slope Point

The view from the top is full of haze and fog. Suddenly rain starts and our painfull tired body feels a touch of cold and shivering like we are at the Himalayas. While there we took a few pictures and we also find Charlotte Lake just beside to Matheran route on the left side.

Lust Green Valley
Garbett Point View

My favorite part to climb any mountain is to meditate to find out soul and mind to peace.
It’s time to decent forward to Matheran hill route as we stay there an hour, we take a route which is left to Garbett point. There is two way to home-bound, one is the way from where we came from which is difficult in the rainy season and another is hike towards Dasturi Naka.

The champs are here to guard us

We took a medium route towards Dasturi Naka and found a beautiful place named Garbett village from where we can see a mind-blowing view of Matheran hill station with many waterfalls.

Forest way to Dasturi Naka

As we start walking a distant kilometer, we found a place to have good to eat hot Maggie and tea in cold misty place. Start walking via toy train rail route to Dasturi Naka where to got shared Taxi stand which we board to Neral station.

Matheran View point from Garbett Village

Climbing mountain teaches us how we can extend our limits and boundaries. What to do while working on and how far we can go to achieve what we truly want in life.

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